Sunday, 26 June 2016

Revenge is Sweet

The second part of mine and Elinor's story is already available to pre-order. The official publication date is 12th July 2016. I am pleased to offer you a small taster of it below.

"‘You knew,’ I said, and my voice cracked with shock. ‘You knew he’d come for her.’
I turned and ran from that dreadful place. Escape was the only thing I could think of. The compulsion to get away was paramount, the need to be somewhere ... anywhere else. I knew Will would follow, but I didn’t think I could be with him at this moment in time. My flight was swift and careless. My eyes saw nothing of my surroundings and still I forced myself to run faster.
Because I wasn’t paying attention, and because all I wanted to do was escape, I failed to see the man who stepped out in front of me until it was too late. A nondescript-looking man, with heavily gloved hands, who flung a loop of silver chain around my neck, and pulled it tight. So tight that it caused me to scream in agony. Something like a concrete mallet smashed into my face, and the last thing I heard before the darkness took me, was Will’s distant voice calling my name. "

From Revenge is Sweet © Berni Stevens 2016     •     Published by Choc Lit UK 
Available across all eBook platforms.